Theraputic Milieu
The Children's Home of Kingston is fully committed to the provision of services in a therapeutic milieu. 
All CHK staff are viewed as having the potential to interact with a resident in a therapeutic manner and 
provide opportunities for growth and change. Staff are therefore trained in the needs of residents and 
encouraged to interact with residents in a manner that consistently emphasizes strengths and potential 
for changed behavior. Art, music, recreation and other activities are utilized as a way for enjoyment and 
as avenues for therapeutic interaction. CHK tries not only to encourage a home-like environment, but also 
to provide a community model that enables boys to practice social skills on a small scale and in a 
controlled arena before they must return to their communities and families.

Residential and educational staff work closely with clinical staff to provide a seamless provision 
of services and responses. Consistency is a constant goal. Boys work through a level system which responds 
to their behaviors and provides rewards and consequences as a way to reinforce positive behavior and to 
discourage less than effective behavior. Through this comprehensive system, boys learn new ways of responding 
to the world and are able to try on new behaviors in a safe, secure setting.
Nutritional Services
Nutritional services at The Children's Home of Kingston rise to the challenge of providing foods that 
are both nutritious and enjoyed by the boys. Meals are served "family style" in a cafeteria that is located 
in the Administration BUilding. Breakfast and Supper are eaten in cottage groups and supervised by 
Residential Workers who share meals with the boys. 
As in most schools, lunch is eaten in class groups and is shared with teachers and counselors. 
Because all staff are invited to eat meals in the cafeteria, the boys have a great opportunity to meet 
and talk with the many staff who sit at different tables and interact with the boys on a daily basis. 
Boys participate in the choosing of menus by a committee which makes suggestions for meal choices 
and makes sure the kitchen staff knows when somethjng was less than wonderfully received. All menus are 
reviewed and approved by a NYS licensed nutritionist and provide a healthy mix of vegetables, 
fruits, protein, carbohydrates and deserts. Snacks are provided in the afternoon and in the evening.

Special meals celebrating holidays or other ethnic events are especially enjoyed by the boys and staff. 
Barbecues and picnics in the warm months provide for ways to combine recreation and nutrition.
Health Services
The Children's Home of Kingston takes a holistic approach to health services for our residents 
and day students. Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses provide health care by assessing 
the needs of sick or injured boys and sending them to the appropriate physician or facility as necessary.
All medications are prescribed by licensed NYS physicians and psychiatrists. All boys receive 
a physical in the first 30 days of placement and annually thereafter while in placement. 
Immunizations records are secured and missing inoculations are provided. Dental and vision care 
is a priority and every attempt is made to assure the dental health of all residents.

What may well be the most important aspect of health services in a residential facility is the 
TLC that is provided on a daily basis, mixing common sense with gentle love and concern for the 
boys' well-being. Even adolescent boys want to know that someone cares about them when they 
don't feel well, and the nursing staff, along with the residential staff, lend a listening ear and provide 
comfort to the boys when they are sick or injured.

Other programs, such as the smoking cessation and recreation program interface with health 
services to provide for the care of the whole boy. Health Services staff also contribute to the Independent Living Skills 
of boys by instructing them in how to get medical care for themselves when they leave or return home and by 
talking with them about what healthy adults supported through tasks and medical appointments as require need 
to know to care for their bodies and minds. Boys who have special needs such as weight-loss or medical conditions 
are supported through tasks and medical appointments as required.

Health care is a priority for CHK and the Health Services Staff design and implement a program which 
insures adequate health care for all of the boys in our care.
Clinical Services
Clinical services are provided at The Children's Home of Kingston with the primary goal of returning a boy 
to his family and community. This goal generates all other goals. For all residents who are expected to return 
to parents or other caregivers, enabling the child and his family to overcome all the obstacles to successful 
discharge is the pivotal treatment goal which leads to smaller, shorter range objectives. Treatment plans are 
developed from prior to arrival until the aftercare plan where boys and their families are encouraged to plan 
for a successful return to the community.

Smaller than average caseloads enable therapists to provide intensive therapy and to involve family 
members wherever possible. Treatment teams, comprised of therapists, teachers, residential managers and workers, 
and the child's family review the treatment plan every three months and work together as a team to implement 
and measure the success of the identified treatment goals.

Therapists use a wide variety of methods including traditional "talk" therapy, play therapy, art therapy, 
and journaling. For the most part, boys look forward to their sessions with therapists as a place where they 
can let off steam and explore alternative ways of responding to current and future situations. Therapists also 
lead specialized groups, such as anger management and bereavement, as a way of helping boys see that they 
are not alone. Substance abuse services are provided by an OASAS licensed agency on CHK grounds.
Residential Programs
The Children's Home of Kingston is a residential treatment center for boys, ages 8-21, who need 
specialized placement in a structured setting. The Children's Home of Kingston offers a variety of 
programs and services designed to build a hopeful future for children and families in the 
Hudson Valley and surrounding counties. Through an individual and family-centered approach, 
interdisciplinary treatment teams work with the boys and their families to achieve positive outcomes. 

Three distinct levels of care are provided at The Children's Home of Kingston:
Residential treatment for adolescent boys offering education services in accordance with a 
student's Individual Education Plan in an on-campus school; a twenty-four hour behavioral 
level child care system; individual, group, and family therapy; recreation; health and nutritional services.

A group home for older boys who are ready to return to public schools and participate 
in community life. The group home is also "home" to several boys who have no discharge 
resources and need a way to live in the community under supervision. These boys can also 
opt to participate in a part-time educational program while they are employed.

A Supervised Independent Living Program (SILP) for young men and women who 
need an opportunity to develop and practice independent living skills in an apartment under 
the supervision of a therapist and guidance from a residential worker. These young men 
attend school, college and work on at least a part-time basis.